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Can Ethan, the towering Kodiak bear, and Javier, the sexy, tanned jaguar convince this she-wolf that life with them won't be all chaos? And can this Delicate Freakn' Flower unbend her prejudices enough to recognize she needs a pair of men who can handle her thorns - and her passion? See what happens when a pigheaded man is subjected to a dose of jealousy - and a kick in the ass. Francine's loved Mitchell, a wolf like herself, since she first set eyes on him back when they were just kids. However, Mitchell's never seen her as more than another annoying sister. Determined to make him realize she's all grown up, she enlists the aide of Alejandro, a gorgeous cat shifter.

She never counted on wanting them both. Meeting the woman of his dreams would have worked a lot better if she didn't already belong to another man. But Chris wasn't about to let something like "until death do us part" keep him from claiming his woman. He'll do anything to win his mate, including throwing his attractive cousin at the pesky husband. Trekking through the jungle isn't Ruth's idea of a good time, even if her companions are hotter than hell. With her sister missing, though, she'll do anything to find her - slog through swamps, squish giant centipedes, and fight her attraction to not one but two males intent on seduction.

But when she discovers there's more to the hunks accompanying her than meets the eye, will she accept their alter wolf egos or completely freak?

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Everyone's heard of the mysterious Moon Ghost Jaguars, supposed shape-shifting men who steal women as their brides. What they forgot to mention was that half-naked, ripped, and oh, so delicious, they always came in pairs - and turned into really big freakn' cats! But Carlie's not about to let these furry Tarzans dictate her future, even if they seem to have conquered her body.

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Someone's killing shifters in prison, and Patricia needs help catching the culprit. The cougar enlists the help of Stu and Ricky, a techno geek and a reformed criminal, a mismatched pair who turn out to also be her mates. But Patricia's already loved and lost one man. Does she dare allow herself to care again? Yeah, Derrick is angry and bitter, but with good reason. His army buddies should have left him to die instead of dragging him out of the rebel camp - and he means drag. He'll do anything to win his mate, including throwing his attractive cousin at the pesky husband.

Despite the danger and her marital status, Jiao can't help falling for a handsome wolf. Honor says she should stay away, but her curious inner cat is flexing her claws and demanding they claim their man. But Jiao isn't the only one falling in love. When her husband finds himself head over heels with a she-wolf, will Sheng do the right thing and end the marriage sham?

Already Freakn' Mated

Or will the past catch up first and bite them? Already Freakn' Mated is sure to bring a smile to your face, some snorts and of coarse get you a little hot and bothered!!

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Eve Langlais can really do no wrong in my reading world! Chris refuses to be any bodies mate, and a Threesome, Yeah right!! He just might be in for a Shock when he goes to a new customer's house and his mate answer's the door, with her husband right behind her!! Well isn't his luck just going south!! Now what can he do to get her away from her husband! Little does he know, he just may not have to worry about her husband!

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He does have a problem though, just no clue what the problem is! I LOVE how the Graysons pull together to help family, even if the family doesn't want there help and grumbles the whole time!!

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Tillie is the perfect narrator for this series!! I am adding her to my favorite narrator's list!! I can't stop listening to this series!! Thank God I can go straight to the next one!!! Yea, to diversity!!!! Chris finds his mate bond toward a married cat shifter??

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  7. Family to the rescue!! I love this addition to the series.

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    Hope one of the Gracen family jocks feel the need for dark chocolate.. This storyline is different and was intriguing. A pretty interesting romance. It takes too long to get to the sex in her books, you can still have an in-depth emotional story with hot sex at the beginning or middle, not just the end. Good narrator.

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    I didn't expect the twists this book had. I laughed so hard when Chris met Jiao to think she's already mated or is she? After Chris makes so much fun of his brother having to shared his mate then here's the mate his wolf knows is his and she has a hus bcc and now that's poetic justice lol.