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Sometimes, there is nowhere to start.

Everything can change tomorrow – Can you adapt?

But now comes the good. Dark areas abound in this novel leadership, which starts engines in the middle of uncertainty. Bukele has as an unfinished business to share the details of his Government program. Towards where are we going?

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We are not clear yet. But, we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. Are one hundred days enough to assess if this bet was worthy?

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The president is criticized for the impression he gives in the sense that accountability does not come with the job. Inquisitive journalists and untimely questions are inevitable, indispensable in a democracy.


That upsets them. It turns out that what for some is shocking, for others is fascinating; but do not be fooled. There are mechanisms that can be a decoy flare that baffle and do not allow us to be right on the essential issues. Already deep in the 21 st Century, faced with countless present and future challenges, there are winds of change.

Bukele deserves, at least, as I mentioned above, the benefit of the doubt. Meanwhile, there is no denying that he aims to hit the target. The following morning, his order was fulfilled without questioning. Now, the nation is with expectation about what comes next.

Text originally published in Spanish by El Faro. They are the first two human beings to have their complete genetic information decoded. Watson noted during his acceptance speech that he doesn't want government involved in decisions concerning how people choose to handle information about their personal genomes.

Venter is on the brink of creating the first artificial life form on Earth.

He has already announced transplanting the information from one genome into another. In other words, your dog becomes your cat.

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He has privately alluded to important scientific progress in his lab, the result of which, if and when realized, will change everything. James Lee Byars A Study of Posterity Though James Lee Byars has been increasingly identified, since his death, with elegant, reductive objects, his most radical-and characteristic-works were ephemeral and even immaterial. By Thomas McEvilley. Byars By Mr.

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