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He has no memory of how he got here, or what his mission is. Evidence points to an attack by an unknown entity. The Confederation has fought three wars against the forces of the totalitarian Union. Three generations of its warriors have gone off to war, held the line against the larger, more powerful enemy. Now the fourth conflict is imminent, and the Confederation's navy is on alert, positioned behind the frontier, waiting for the attack it knows is coming.

Jon Ryan was supposed to be dead. He wanted to be dead. But Jon wakes up in the far future with an alien burrowing in his chest for salvage. Someone was going to pay for this. Check that. Lots of people were going to pay for this.

Jon was the first astronaut to download to an android host to find the population of doomed Earth a new home. But that was so long time ago. He is now literally lost in time.

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He moves to investigate and to help any survivors, but the closer he gets the less control he has of his movements. An unknown force urges him to open the door of the mysterious craft, discovering the secret that lies within: a dead, alien pilot and a peculiar, otherworldly crystal. A world recovering from a devastating plague. A brutal enemy threatening invasion.

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A young man seeking to escape the shadow of his father. A ship manned by a crew of fresh academy graduates. A top-secret experimental propulsion system. A questionable alliance with a mysterious green-eyed woman. What destiny has in store for the crew of the UES Aurora is far greater than any of them could ever imagine. And this is only the beginning When humanity reaches for the stars, our probes are destroyed. They crash into an incredibly advanced piece of technology: a massive force-field. Unknown beings have placed a barrier around our star and planets, enclosing us within.

Was this invisible obstacle built to imprison us - or to protect us? No one knows the truth, but it soon becomes clear the barrier has leaks. Aliens infiltrate and try to sabotage our efforts to escape our cage. Earth is no longer the center of the universe.

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After the invention of the faster-than-light jump drive, humanity is rapidly establishing new colonies. But the vast distances of space mean that the old order of protection and interstellar law offered by Earth has ceased to exist. When a nearby world attacks, the new colony of Glenlyon turns to Robert Geary, a young former junior fleet officer, and Mele Darcy, a onetime enlisted marine.

After decades hunting wanted offworlders throughout the solar system, Corporate Bounty Hunter Malcolm Graves doesn't bother asking questions. So long as the pay is right, he's the man for the job. And he always works alone.

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But when a high-profile bombing on Earth has Pervenio Corp clamoring for answers, they force him to team up with a strange, cyber-augmented partner. A young man more interested in statistics than instinct. Their assignment: Track down a suspected group of extremists from Titan who will go to any length to free their moon from the grip of Earth's corporations. The Pyramid Builders 2. Planet Predators 3. Pray for the Prey 4. The End of Time 5. Star Rover-The Worst of Time 6. Star Rover-Running Out of Time 7. Star Rover-Chosen to Die Star Chase 1. The Lost Prince 2. Nowhere to Run 3. Nowhere to Hide 4.

Probe Predators Trapped in Time 1. The Time Takers 2.

Taming a Planet 3. Extinction Nemesis 1. Revenge is Best Served Hot 2. The Search for Orion Jesse's Starship 1. Jesse's Starship 2. Mike's War 3. Joshua's Walls Escape to Earth 1. Running From Fate 2. Fighting for Space 3.

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Defending Holy Ground 4. The Legacy of a Conqueror 5. Living Legends Defending Earth 1. Searching for Death Feeders 2. The Agency suspects he's getting too close to her so it moves her to another facility. She escapes, and John guesses correctly where to find her. All of which could work in a second film. Jennifer Jason Leigh's character, known as The Psychologist in the book, is dead by the end of Annihilation the movie — that's true of the book too.

However that doesn't mean she can't come back in some capacity, as she's a big part of the trilogy.


In the next two books, we learn that Ventress is more entwined in Area X than we realised. A photo found in the lighthouse not in the film but there are easy ways around this turns out to be a picture of her as a little girl with the lighthouse keeper. It turns out she lived in the area now called 'X' when she was young, and had ventured inside Area X before the 12th expedition without telling the Agency, visiting her childhood home which is still there, and the lighthouse, and returning to the Agency.

It turns out Ventress was actually the Director of the Agency prior to John see above and it was she who managed and planned the 12th Expedition detailed in Annihilation.

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She's dying of cancer as in the film and she has move information about the phenomenon than anyone else. In Authority, a clone of The Psychologist appears from out of Area X causing it to expand even further, so JJL could be back in the present day as well as flashbacks if the filmmakers so decided.