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Employers worldwide, and especially in the United States, want employees who can demonstrate the so-called soft skills. This resource helps students to think about and develop these sought-after professional skills. The book highlights the core competencies they need to succeed in today's workplace. It is written in a nuts and bolts, executive summary style. Like the utility of a Swiss knife, this field manual also includes questions for reflection in multiple subject areas. Version 2.

It is perfect for Students, Faculty, Internship Coordinators and Employers for pre-internship orientations, concurrent classes, seminars, workshops, workplace skill development, or as a valued gift. It is easily integrated with any learning management system such as Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, or Sakai.

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He started and manages the almost 1, subscriber Internship-Net listserv for his colleagues. For employers he compiled a free manual entitled "Starting and Maintaining A Quality Internship Program," which is currently in use throughout the U. Students can now benefit from his free website - InternQube.

InternQube (Professional Skills for the Workplace)

A must for anyone participating in an internship By Beth Settje Rarely do I have a book that students find as engaging and useful as I do! Mike's knowledge and long history with the subject matter translates easily to his book and website. I teach an internship course and use this book as the required text.

Prior to InternQube being written, I had to find articles or other sources to supplement my weekly topics. Now I just use this text and it is much more efficient, as well as accurate. Highly recommend it. Perfect resource for interns By Adrienne Fusco I have had great success using the InternQube book in my institution's internship program and the graduate and undergraduate level engineering internship courses I instruct. InternQube is a great tool to supplement orientations and serve as a guide for students during their internships.

Besides supplemental reading I use selected text from InternQube as discussion starters in Blackboard. The readings help students to frame my discussion questions and write more insightful responses. This has improved the way I assess student learning. Most importantly the student feedback has been positive and enthusiastic!

I usually show the book to students in person and as they glance through the chapter headings they remark at how useful this text will be during their professional careers. Highly Recommended By Sandra Long The InternQube book is a terrific resource for students, college faculty, high school faculty and employers of young people.

Michael True shares professional skills and etiquette tips that are very valuable for young people and all people. There are so many wonderful professional tips included in this book.

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I especially loved the handshake descriptions and advice. This is an essential book for those early careerists and interns. Highly recommended.

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