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Greenwood developed at the confluence of the Tallahatchie and the Yalobusha rivers, which form the Yazoo River. Throughout the s, Greenwood was the site of major protests and conflicts as African Americans worked to achieve racial integration, voter registration and access during the civil rights movement.

History Howard Street, Greenwood Front Street buildings along the Yazoo River The flood plain of the Mississippi River has long been an area rich in vegetation and wildlife, fed by the Mississippi and its numerous tributaries.

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Long before Europeans migrate. The tornado outbreak of April 22—25, was a multi-day tornado outbreak across a large portion of the Southern United States, originally starting in the High Plains on April 22, and continuing through the Southern Plains on April 23, and the Mississippi and Tennessee Valleys on April The most severe activity was on April 24, particularly in Mississippi.

The outbreak was responsible for ten tornado-related fatalities on April 24, all in Mississippi from a single supercell that crossed the entire state.

Non-instrumental songs with titles that do not appear in the lyrics

Meteorological synopsis April 22—23 A complex weather system began to track across the central and southern United States beginning on April Scattered thunderstorms initially developed across the central and eastern Great Plains region late during the afternoon and then moved into the southeast Texas Panhandle and the Osage Plains during the evening and overnight hours. Large hail occurred with the stronger storms, but the most severe storms produced damaging winds and tornadoes. By late evenin. Beverly Francis Carradine April 4, — April 22, was an American Methodist minister and a leading evangelist for the holiness movement.

Pecolia Warner March 9, — March was an American quiltmaker. Making quilts, that's my calling. She quilted in the evenings when she worked full-time. Ferris featured Warner in the documentary film "Fou. Fort Rosalie was destroyed in the massacre; its ruins now lie within Natchez National Historical Park. The Natchez and French had lived alongside each other in the Louisiana colony for more than a decade prior to the incident, mostly conducting peaceful trade and occasionally intermarrying.

In a coordinated attack on the fort and the homesteads, the Natchez killed almost all of th. Numerous notable people have had some form of mood disorder. This is a list of people accompanied by verifiable sources associating them with bipolar disorder formerly known as "manic depression" based on their own public statements; this discussion is sometimes tied to the larger topic of creativity and mental illness. In the case of dead people only, individuals with a speculative or retrospective diagnosis should only be listed if they are accompanied by a source reflective of the mainstream, academic view.

Individuals should not be added to this list unless the disorder is regularly and commonly mentioned in mainstream, reliable sources.

Theodore G. Bilbo

The next year, his father died of a stroke, and his younger sister died two days later. The company's objective was to raise the image of salespeople in America by providing seminars. They began with cities across the South a. She is the wife of Mississippi's 63rd governor, Haley Barbour. Marsha Barbour grew up in Monroeville, Alabama. However, she moved with her family to Canton, Mississippi in After the wedding, the couple moved to his hometown of Yazoo City, Mississippi.

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They have two adult sons. Archived from the original on Retrieved The Tunica people were a group of linguistically and culturally related Native American tribes in the Mississippi River Valley, which include the Tunica also spelled Tonica, Tonnica, and Thonnica ; the Yazoo; the Koroa Akoroa, Courouais ;[1][2] and possibly the Tioux.

Over the next centuries, under pressure from hostile neighbors, the Tunica migrated south from the Central Mississippi Valley to the Lower Mississippi Valley. Eventually they moved westward and settled around present-day Marksville, Louisiana. Since the early 19th century, they have intermarried with the Biloxi tribe, an unrelated Siouan-speaking people from the vicinity of Biloxi, Mississippi and shared land.

Remnant peoples from other small tribes also merged with them. In they were federally recognized and now call themselves the Tun. Thomas Jefferson Huddleston Sr. June 1, — was a prominent African American entrepreneur and community leader in Mississippi. He owned dozens of funeral homes in Mississippi.

Huddleston was also the father of Leon Finney Sr. The Chicago and Mississippi branches of the family retain political ties. Huddleston Sr.

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Willie Wright born William C. Gathright, July 7, is an American soul singer and songwriter. Later, the three formed the Willie Wright Trio. Wright then began performing as a solo singer and songwriter in clubs in Greenwich Village, and also played flute with The Three Degrees. In the early s, he released his first album, Lack of Education, which mostly contained cover versions of other musicians' songs, including Curtis Mayf.

Robert Petway possibly October 18, — May [3] was an African-American blues singer and guitarist. He recorded only 16 songs, but it has been said that he was an influence on many notable blues and rock musicians, including John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, and Jimi Hendrix.

Indigenous peoples of the Southeastern Woodlands

There is only one known picture of Petway, a publicity photo from Uncertainties over birth and death Little is known about Petway. It has been speculated that he was born at or near the J. Pre-contact distribution of the Natchez people The Natchez [2][3] Natchez pronunciation [4] are a Native American people who originally lived in the Natchez Bluffs area in the Lower Mississippi Valley, near the present-day city of Natchez, Mississippi in the United States.

They spoke a language with no known close relatives, although it may be very distantly related to the Muskogean languages of the Creek Confederacy. Others had generally declined a century or two before European encounter.

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The Natchez are also noted for having had an unusual social system of nobility classes and exogamous marriage practices. It was a strongly matrilineal kinship society, with descent reckoned along female lines. The paramount chief named the Great Sun was always the son of the Female Sun, whose daughter would be the mother of the ne.

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In college, he performed in a band and in a New Jersey-based group that toured nationally. After completing his degree in classical piano at Mississippi College, Michael moved to Nashville and began working with fellow musicians. This pivotal meeting led to Michael becoming the founding member of the Christian pop group, Avalon in This proved to be an excellent launching pad for the foursome who, during Michael's tenure, later garnered two gold records, twenty 1 radio single.

The Metz Gang was a notorious drug ring founded by Glenn Metz and his brother Cordell "Jethro" Metz; both are currently serving life in prison. From to mid—, The Metz Gang distributed approximately kilograms of cocaine in the New Orleans metropolitan area and, in furtherance of the conspiracy, committed murders, attempted murders, and other violent crimes. In , Metz, his wife, and several of his henchmen were convicted and charged in a 22 count indictment with various charges arising from a narcotics conspiracy.

Dealers moved on to street corners as fast as others were arrested or killed. Alliances formed and dissipated from one big sale to the next.

Profits evaporated in the thin smoke of an overnight addiction. Glen Metz's crew was the. Look up situation in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Situation and its derivations may refer to: Situation Common uses A concept similar to scenario, relating to a position location or a set of circumstances. A job People The Situation TV personality , nickname of American reality TV personality Michael Sorrentino Arts, entertainment, and media Music Situation album , a album by Canadian musician Buck 65 Situation song , a song by British new wave band Yazoo "Situation", a song by Godsmack from their eponymous album Television Situation comedy, abbreviated sitcom, a type of television show Other uses Situation Sartre , a concept by Jean-Paul Sartre Rhetorical situation, the context of a rhetorical event Situation awareness, the perception of environmental elements and events Situation report, abbreviated sitrep Situated Situated, located Situated cognition, a theory that posits that knowing is inseparable from doing Situationism Situationism psychol.

Indigenous peoples of the Southeastern Woodlands

The Assembly were a British synthpop project formed in in Basildon, England, by Vince Clarke songwriting, keyboards, backing vocals and Eric Radcliffe songwriting, production. Feargal Sharkey was hired as a guest vocalist for the A-side of the group's only single, "Never Never". Clarke and Radcliffe had planned to use a different singer on each track the group recorded,[1] but the group disbanded after the release of "Never Never", and no other vocalists were employed by the duo. The Assembly marked the most involved phase of Clarke's long-term professional relationship with sound engineer Radcliffe, who had contributed significant influences to the recordings of Clarke's previous bands, Depeche Mode and Yazoo.

However, the Assembly project never became a full-fledged band and resulted in only one single release, the UK. James Charles Rodgers September 8, — May 26, was an American singer-songwriter and musician in the early 20th century, known most widely for his rhythmic yodeling. Rodgers, along with his contemporaries the Carter Family, was among the first country music stars, cited as an inspiration by many artists and an inductee into numerous halls of fame.

Early years According to tradition, Rodgers' birthplace is usually listed as Meridian, Mississippi; however, in documents signed by Rodgers later in life, his birthplace was listed as Geiger, Alabama, the home of his paternal grandparents. Rodgers' mother died when he was about six or seven years old, and.