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It is not your gene that confines you to this state. It is nothing at all from what we used to know from inceptions, the problem start from nature, and it is only in nature that you can find the everlasting solutions, the solution that has nothing to do with your doctor, nutritionist, dietician's, psychologist, the gym, or eating like mad, etc. Eating every three hours is equal to eating eight times a day, Jeeez! That is horrifying, not only is it appalling, it is so inconvenient, it is depressing to know I will have to eat and eat every day to gain weight or to have lovely curves.

Many people have died trying to have those little curves. Remember Claudia Aderemi and host of others. They died from booty shots, booty they can get cheaply from nature. Just by giving in to what nature gives freely to us all. It is a pity. This book is about the underweight people. It is the solution, they wanted all their lives. It is wrapped around all the naturals, no vitamins, no gyms, no doctors, no dietician's, no nutritionist, no exercises no psychology and all the norms we used to know. You don't even need to eat every three hours, no more workouts to gain weight. It has nothing to do with calories counter, no ratio, no arithmetic's, all you need to do is to open the windows of your body to the fresh air of nature and let that nature nourish you, all you have to do is to eat your normal meals, yeah, maybe you like to eat two or three times in a day, and fall in love to drink your water in case you have divorced it, re-marry it, understand the language of the foods you eat, respect the earth and its protections it offers you, and accepts the gift that nature is now giving to you, remain in touch with nature every day.

You will start smiling when nature decides to speak back to you because you gave in to her abundances, also your body will speak back to you when you start to eat the foods it wanted, the language they speak is good health, weight gaining, curves, and many more. It takes this little book too long, but now it is here, give yourself and your mind some rest, your misfortune of not gaining weight is at this moment in time over, the solutions this book will talk about is very easy, not cumbersome, if followed to the letter, you should be counting your blessings, in as little as two weeks, of no pains but all gains.

I prepared these for dinner last night as a side to pork loin for a family dinner. A hi all around. I was bummed out by these. I followed the recipe but mine were not crispy at all. Does it make a difference if ther are too many sweet potatoes on the baking rack? Still in a single layer. Hi Emily. Having too many on the rack can definitely affect the outcome. Did you broil them at the end? This step ensures crispiness.

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The only other thing I can think of is your oven runs low? You may want to increase the baking temp by 25 degrees next time, and just keep an eye on them. I hope this helps! These were perfect! I followed the recipe exactly the first time I made them. The second time I used another recipe for the seasoning but used this recipes cooking method. I tossed the wedges in melted butter, then seasoned them with chili powder, cayenne, salt, and grated parmesan. I am completely addicted to these, thanks so much! Can you clarify which it is?

The recipe should be updated to state Brown Sugar. I just used regular sugar…. We will see how they turn out. Thank you. In your narrative you stated a pinch of brown sugar but in the ingredient list it says 1 tsp of sugar. Is it 1 tsp of sugar and a pinch of brown sugar or just 1 tsp of brown sugar?

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Do you mean the grill element in the top of the oven? We just call it the griller. I will make these tonight without sugar ….. I did everything as directed except for adding the sugar. They are super yummy also added some smoked paprika! I assumed I would bake the wedges on the baking rack the whole time, not just under the broiler.

Is that correct? Thanks for this recipe. Thanks for the help! You can make them healthy by omitting the sugar! They are sweet enough already and so good for you if you just add Dash seasoning salt free and Olive oil to help them crisp. For those of you having trouble making the first cut into the sweet potatoe, I find putting them in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes really helps.

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I cook a lot. The one thing I have to have to prepare anything is a very sharp knife. Just a little practice and you will always get a sharp edge. For me its really calming as well. They were a hit! I mixed several batches in large ziplocks potatoes for each bag because I was serving a large group. The compliments are still coming 2 days later! I will now make this recipe annually!!!

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You are correct! These truly are addictive. Thank you for posting this recipe. Only variation I did was to change the dipping sauce. Prefer siracha and veganaise as a dip. Tried both yams and sweet potatoes but now I am addicted. Great recipe and they were delicious! If you could eat with your eyes, I would have gobbled up your beautiful photos. They look so tasty.

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Just a simple but brilliant ways to to prepare and serve the humble sweet potato. As always to let the lead ingredient sing loudest keep the rest of the choir in the background. Thanks for sharing. Any chance there would be a good way to cook these ahead of time and reheat them when you need them? Or do they turn to complete mush if not eaten within an hour or two?

Did everyone make these with the skin or without? Good simple recipe. I am trying to make things healthier so I make oven fries instead of deep fried.

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My husband is not a big fan of sweet potato fries because they are not crispy enough! These were so crispy and the flavor was great! He said this recipe is definitely a keeper! I just made these and they are delicious! It's also a bad omen to what your personality is or might be. Everyone may be tempted to mock you. You may equally find out that your skinny body type is not being able to cope with the cloth sizes in the shops or the general market.

The eye of the needle, again

If it is a young guy, it is so glaring that you want to put on some valuable muscles or shape to flaunt your reflexes, or to have that dream girl and be respected or regarded, wherever you may find yourself, another dark side is if she is a lady. It is more demanding in this generation that size zero is fading out, you want to be yourself at the same time look sexier in your dressing and having a body that is great.

It is because in the era when everyone else is obsessed by the idea of attaining a zero size figure, a high number of women and men did realize now that men and women rarely like too skinny girls or guy.